Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thanks, thanks and more thanks

To my army of supporters - I was not always able to get to my blog to see my messages, but when I did I was overwhelmed by the level of support given. Sometimes when things get tough, its good to have a big backing team urging you on - hard to give-up and disappoint so many.

To those that helped when my bike struggled, Gerrit, Olaf, Mike's bikes, Linden Cycles, Tim, everyone in and around Burgersdorp... eventually we got it right, without all off you it would've been the "Long Walk to Freedom".

There are hundreds of unnamed people along the route that feed, wash, service and make sure that we can live our dream - they are the angels of the Freedom Challenge. All they get is a "Thanks for everything", and we vanish into the early morning darkness. Also in this group are Stef and Wil Terblanche - I seem to be making a habit of using their kind hospilitality to the max - this is the second time I have spent an extra day with them in Molteno.

To my family, in-laws, out-laws and repossesions, its great that all of you support my passion, and it makes it so much more fun knowing you are all with me

And of course my love - Corrinne - many months of planning, training, discussing... you endure my obsession with enthusiasm, and allow me the freedom to do what I need to do. Thank you

Who is the "one arm bandit"?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He once was the one armed bandit. Now he has 2 arms again.

8:39 AM  

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