Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Now I get it...

Standing on top of Stettyns kloof, I got it.

I think there is a thing called the Spirit of the Freedom Challenge, and it seems to come to you when standing atop that Kloof. The completion of the race (experience) bonds us all at some spiritual level. There are no loud cheers, or big high-fives as we each complete - each one just finishes and understands.

Gerrit, I now know that I would do the same for someone needing my assistance to complete the race, but still, I am eternally greatful for your kindness. Many days I rode "with" you, and in later stages I was amazed at what you had achieved with your broken knees (Die Leer, Stettyns and other places). Your generosity and tenacity inspired me to complete the race - thank you.


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