Sunday, July 01, 2007

Day 12 - Ups and downs

Kevin and I left Long Acre farm quite early - Kevin wanted to double up and I wanted to get to the post office in Craddock as soon as possible.
The Craddock Hotel is owned by the same family that owns Long Acre farm so they suggested I stop for breakfast if I had time.
As it turned out the Johannesburg overnight only arrives at 10am so I went and had breakfast at the hotel which consisted of 3 fried eggs, a huge pile of scrambled eggs, 2 sausages, a pile of bacon, 6 slices of toast, a bowl of porridge, 2 croissants, 2 glasses of juice and 6 cups of coffee.
So in any case, I was feeling good after that and headed off to the post office hoping that my parcel would be there - it was! Off to the local exhaust repair shop to use their advice but alas - the part was wrong. Instead of moping around, I decided to ride to Cape Town to buy a part and left Craddock for the Zebra Park where I had lunch (2 hours after breakfast). I feel like a human dustbin - all I want is food.
While riding through the park, I saw loads of buck and was nearly taken out by one. I must have startled it and he bolted across the road in front of me.
The portage was easy and the downhill to the overnight stop difficult (remember I can only go as fast as I pedal). But I am here.
When I arrived, Steve was also here - he has been moving slowly as he has sore knees. He immediately called a mate in Cape Town so there are guys down there trying to find a solution to my gear problem. Everyone is so eager to help me - it blows my mind. I spent some time on my blog today reading comments - thanks to everybody for the support; it makes me more determined to finish this race.
Tomorrow I am going to double up again so that I can catch up with the big group in Baviaanskloof next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WELL ,Andre, I didnt know we had raised such a comedian, however your sister said previously that you had to be like that to be part of our family (thank heavens). IN ANY CASE, what a boy!!!! To say we are proud of you, is an understatement, dont know where you get that strength and courage from (or do I), well done for getting your place back in the group, really hope you have no more problems now. Just give that C.B. the TLC she deserves,for carrying you through hyell and high water.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me again,
Just wanted to say I see you are having your NORMAL breakfast, thanks to the Longacre Farm and Hotel.

7:47 PM  

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