Monday, June 11, 2007

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

There is nothing else to do but think of worst case scenarios, or worry about things I haven't considered. Driving me nuts!

I went for a final test run this weekend, late at night, full pack with my bike set up as I will ride. The map board, which was my biggest concern seems to work fine, even at high speed. My new handelbar light is really nice, but it was vibrating a bit much, so I made some further modifications over the weekend and it should be OK now. The headlight is good enough to be used without the handlebar light if necessary, so I think my light planning is good this year.

Finally got all my kit together, and it seems like I'll have a total pack weight around 11kg, including food and water. That's pretty much the same as last year, but I have a lot more warm clothing this time, and also beefed up my emergency food department. I think I can comfortably deal with temparetures around -10 to -15degC this time, and I have enough food to spend a night out without worrying too much about nutrition.

I've also got all my spares with me - there are no extras waiting in my 2liter boxes.

Seems like the final count for the race is 16. I see Xolani, who raced last year, has appeared on the start list, so it looks like he is going to tackle it again - I really think he could challenge for the win (if he doesn't get too lost).

Does previous experience count? There have been quite an array of questions from the 13½ first timer's, many of which bothered me last year (the questions, not the riders), but this year have been non-issues for me. The questions have, however, stimulated some thought about certain topics, which has helped me refine my kit a bit more, and work on my race strategy. I am really hoping that knowledge of the route will be an advantage, and that my mental archives have not failed me. So in terms of the physical side of things, "Yes - experience counts".

Mentally - I don't know. After some one beats you with a baseball bat, do you go back and ask for more? Maybe the second time you think you can dodge the blows! At least with this race there are periods of ignorant bliss - days when real life takes a back seat, and with little else to clutter your mind, you can experience nature at its best. And then someone takes a crack at you with that bat again!

In some ways the mind is settled because the unknown component of the race is not that big, but in another sense, the mind is in revolt trying to persuade you not to put it through hell again. We'll have to see how it goes in the brain drain department.

Kevin is the ½ referred to above. He did Ride2Rhodes last year, so has a good idea of what can be expected


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dude
Need an update here! I have read this post 6 times now.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi ya
i have 2 days to go...and probably feel the same as you...only i won't be going through so much pain physically...maybe mentally i will...anyway i bet your are really excited. i am very proud of you and couldn't ask for a better brother. you are very inspirational and you make me want to go out and take on the world. i love you. and good luck!!!!!!
love t

5:51 PM  

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