Thursday, July 06, 2006

Day 18 - Not a good day

Today's stage was supposed to be a fairly easy ride from Sandvlakte in the upper (flatter) sections of Baviaanskloof to Willomore, with only on minor climb out of the kloof. We left the wonderful hospitality of Dam se Drif guest house at about 7:30am to the Baviaans Information center, where we were asked to stop for a cup off coffee (again).

I have been carrying a stomach bug for a few days, and last night it got a bit worse. My dinner passed straight through me and breakfast went the same way. Needless to say the coffee at the information center turned out to be a magnificent spread of homemade breads, biscuits, rusks, salami, lemonade and jams... so I was able to restock my body. If you are ever in this area, you must stop at the information center for a chat - lovely old couple with a really good knowledge of the area, as well as being owners of a cave B&B - didn't see it, bount sounds fascinating.

A few few kilos from this break I stopped to get rid of mid-morning breakfast, and I really struggled from there - 50km staring at Gerrit's wheel. Oh yes, somehow Xolani managed to rejoin us - something like 3 consectuve 17hr days to catch up - so he was also riding along but also fatigued. We eventually got to Willomore at 14:30 and I fell in to bed and slept - I couldn't keep anything in my system.

Supper has just gone the same way as the rest of the days food. Gerrit's knees are starting to hurt, so he went to the doctor for drugs - hope this doesn't ruin his race.

Not feeling good - bed.


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