Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 17 - Many passes

Today was the first day that we had no navigation, portages or anything funny - amazing, considering that we have been riding for 16 days now. One dirt road to the next stop.

Now I'm not saying that the dirt road was easy! We had to ride a section of the Baviaanskloof, and the first 40km from Cambria is a series of passes - 1 major pass and about 5 smaller passes - really draining. Each pass did, however, have a good downhill, so there was some fun - the road surface was good, so we could hit 60km/h. The disc brakes were screaming.

After yesterday we were both a bit flat - Gerrit had no legs, and I was back to being as mentally strong as cheese. Not sure why. We plodded on and made it into the overnight stop at 16h00. We were give frshly brewed coffee, freshly baked rusks and banana bread - and suddenly we were both feeling fine again. Strange how it works.

The owners are doing some laundry for us, the bikes are clean, we are clean, so hopefully tomorrow will be a better stage, then onto the 150km to Prince Albert.

I'm missing Corrinne a lot, and Gerrit is missing Estelle (his wife). Thanks for all you messages and wishes - I do read them, and they do make a difference.


Blogger Big Al said...

Hey Andre,
Glad you are feeling better and back on the road! Give it horns! It is not long now and you will be enjoying an ice cold beer in Cape Town.
PS. I am glad you are keeping your bike clean!

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Olaf said...

HOwzit swaer
Whilst you are doing the 150 km of rolly pollies, think of the tdf where they are doing the rollies in Belgium. Still hoping that you guys will be allowed to finish even though you are behind, hope you get to ride through Hel and Swartberg etc. Wishing I was there!

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howzit Andre
I am glad to hear you are well on track again and that all is going well. I did the Knysna MTB race on Saturday and was wondering where in the world you are, hoping to spot you somewhere. Good luck and enjoy - it's all downhill from here (I hope...).
Francois Jordaan

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi stinky....keep it are an amazing person!!! love tanja

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Olaf said...

Whilst you are sitting in Willamore, pondering whether a body with only 30% moisture in it will have jelly like blood...something from the blimp in the sky:
OK, so let's continue in the spirit of the last few days. Here's another of our very elaborated questions from the CN blimp: Which was better, Thor Hushovd's one legged sprint for third or Tom Boonen's flat tyre sprint for fourth and the maillot jaune?

Best answer wins our almost-dead ventilator, which has really got on our nerves these last few days.


2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andre,

Corrinne just told me that you retired from the race - it is a pitty but your health comes first - there is always a next time. Hope you get better soon.

Wessel & Corlette

12:15 PM  

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