Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 15 - Xolani falls off the pace

After arriving at 20:30 last night, Xolani passed out on the bed, without washing, eating or charging his cellphone. We tried to wake him with no success.

He found out his morning that this is not an option - within about 1km of starting this morning he fell off the pace (if that's what you can call it - 15km/h). We waited for him, but he kept falling back. With a long day to look forward to we decided to push on, and leave Xolani to pick up detailed route instructions from a lodge along the route.

The day started fast and flat, as we decide to do a longer (20km) detour to skip a very thorny section. It didn't take too long, , so we were OK with that - it did however push our mileage up to the 140km mark again.

The most rugged valley I have ever seen followed this. There were fist sized rocks everywhere, like every big rock had been smashed to pieces, long white thorn bushes and smaller cacti with short thick thorns - thats all - no grass or bushes, birds - nothing. The going was tough - weave around the rocks, dodge thorns, and push up the hills.

The rest of the day was fairly straight-forward - we saw some more kudu close to the road, this time a bull and a cow together. While Gerhard was fixing a pucture I counted 39 wet spots where thorns had penetrated my tyre, and still OK.

Its now 22:30 and Xolani is still not in.


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