Saturday, July 01, 2006

Day 14 & 15

It’s day 15 today and although it feels like week 15 for me, Andre is still enjoying every minute and can’t believe that tomorrow he would’ve done the equivalent of 2 consecutive Epic rides. Andre and Gerrit are on their way to Bucklands (anybody ever heard of it?) after an extended ride yesterday. The ride to van de Venterskraal was supposed to be 70km but the organizer (in consultation with the riders) decided to extend the route by 30km yesterday to make the route shorter today. Today’s route was going to be 150km which is a really long day but it will only be 120km due to extended riding yesterday.
Andre’s race report for yesterday was very short – he was strong, knees were holding up, good route and clear day. They only arrived at the station at 8pm-ish and were eating steaks the size of dinner plates at 10pm. They slept fitfully and this morning headed out towards Bucklands – they should arrive at about 6pm tonight.
Andre incorrectly reported earlier that Xolani had retired when in fact Greville had due to illness. Xolani is still in the race but Andre said that he was so broken yesterday that he arrived at the station and fell asleep immediately – without eating or cleaning (!). Needless to say he was stuffed this morning because he hadn’t replenished his body last night so he has stayed behind for a bit today to try and recuperate. Andre and Gerrit are happy, in good spirits and strong.
Thank you to everybody for all the special messages of support and encouragement – Andre really does appreciate it.
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Blogger Riaan said...

Hey Andre
Glad to see you are up and riding again. It just souds so incredibly amazing. Love your Afrikaans anecdotes, but isn't the incorrect spelling of 'fiets' (your spelling 'viets') a bit ironic :-). Best of luck further

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Rudolph said...

Hi Andre pleased to see you are now getting settled and not getting lost any more, improved map reading? Or is Gerrit doing the map work Ho Ho. Keep up the tempo. Supriced Xolani have caught up with you guys must have taken a a lot out of him. Hope he keeps it up well done Xol.

2:00 PM  

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