Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A word from the wife...

Oh goodness, I thought the training part was hard to deal with but these pre-race nerves are much are my pre-race nerves, not Andre's! With only 2 days to go, the tension at home has mounted slightly and tempers are a little shorter and sentences a little sharper. I'm a worried about the safety of my husband and of course how I will manage to remember to switch on the irrigation at the set times, how I will find the right globe for the right light in the right room and if I can find the dishwasher powder since I never use it.....! But I am very, very proud of Andre and it will be an awesome achievement for him. Good luck, love, I know you can do it. I will be thinking about you all the time and know you will do well. Take it easy out there, relax and remember that you are well prepared.
And if I'm stuck in a domestic crisis, there are many friends to call on....aren't there? Anybody?


Anonymous Dad said...

Hallo Correen If you have any problems with irrigation Or globes Im just a phone call away Im with you in Andre's Race all i want say is what a boytjie His safety is my concern as well but he is a very positive man and im sure he is well prepared for any thing that can happen on his ride

7:43 AM  
Blogger Peanut said...

Hello dear sister (you are such a girl), I was going to say you have mum with you but i just remember I have her for a bit!!!! I am sure you will be are some tips to keep you going: Eat takeaways, that will save using the dishwasher, use candles then you won't need to change any lightbulbs, and leave the irrigation system on...who will know...if all else dad! Good luck to you tanja

8:33 PM  
Blogger Peanut said...

Hi Andre, have spoken to Mummy dearest, she wishes you the best of luck and loves you lots.x

8:43 PM  

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