Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What to pack when you need everything

So, what do I carry with me - snow, darkness and a broken bike are the main considerations. And I have to carry it all with me, so weight does feature as well, but I'd rather hurt a bit carrying too much, than die of hypothermia, or breaking my neck trying to ride in the dark.

mmm...maybe not

Most of the kit I'm taking along is clothing - I'll follow the layered approach, which means I can progressively ride in temparetures from 35 down to about -5 (maybe a bit less). Then I'm stuffed. The only spare clothing I have is riding shorts, so that I can wash them, and not have to ride in wet kit.

I wish I could take a spare bike, but I've only got the basics - tubes, spokes, brake pads and some smaller bits and pieces. Haven't decided if I'm taking a spare tyre yet. I'll decide once I've packed everything and have an idea of the weight.

Big lights and a heavy battery - this is my only gamble. I really enjoy night riding with good lights, so I've packed these with the aim of doing a couple of night stages through the Karoo.

And a load of other crap - basic survival kit, first aid kit,and my gadgets (phone, mp3 player, camera...).

Haven't packed this lot yet, so I might be scaling down a bit, but that'll be the task for this weekend.


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