Monday, June 19, 2006

My elated husband

Today was day 3 for Andre and I spoke to an extremely elated, relaxed man tonight who is doing really well. Andre is very happy and is starting to eat more and sleep deeper. He arrived in Lesotho at 3pm today to dancing locals, important dignitries and even the mayor. He was a bit overwhelmed but managed to absorb all the attention, hold a conversation and eat not 1, not 2 but 7 vetkoek! He saw some snow on the Drakensberg mountains and has climbed more than he climbed on the Epic. Andre rode for hours on the most awesome single track he has ever been on and said that he rode for 3 hours without seeing a single person, car or animal. The mind boggles, I know, but he is in his absolute element. Andre has been encouraged with all the messages everybody had sent and I get the feeling he doesn't want to come home!
I wanted to know what he was wearing because he has a very important dinner with the locals tonight and not much of a wardrobe to choose from...he had on his cycling shoes (cos he ditched the takkies 2 days ago), a pair of socks, black cycling leggings, a pair of shorts he had packed, 2 jerseys, no deodorant and a beanie. Can you picture it? :-)
Tomorrow Andre is doubling up and will be doing 2 stages so I don't expect to hear from him until Wednesday. As soon as I do, I will keep everyone posted. Until then, please keep the words of encouragement coming because he really does appreciate the support.


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