Monday, June 26, 2006

Day 7 - R&R

Day 7 - R&R

After a good nights rest we did basic bike cleanups. The bikes were all frozen after spending a night outside, so we had to pour hot water onto the gears to get them working again. Thanks to Gerrit for cleaning my bike, while I was sorting out my saddle.

We hopped on bakkies and were taken back to the race route. We climbed Naude's neck pass, the highest road in South Africa, then cruised down into towm. I could see where I would have joined the route yesterday. It was sickening to see that I was only 1km or so from the road.

Spent the afternoon washing clothes, bikes and posting. A nice quiet day for a change.

The Ride to Rhodes team have finished their ride now, and will be heading home. They have had a tough 7 days, but have faired exceptionally well, considering they are mostly social riders, and have spent 12hrs+ on the bike every day. They are a tough bunch.

Tomorrow we start Karoo slogging - lots of dirt roads. Unfortunately Xolani has withdrawn, so it will be Grev, Gerrit and myself who will tackle the Karoo together. Ben and Cornel are 3/4 days ahead of us now, and doubling up frequently, so there is no hope of catching them.


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