Sunday, June 18, 2006

Day 2 the first mishap

Ride status: Cornel gone. Ben left at 2am. My spies along the route say that Cornel slept in a shepherd's hut and left this morning. So Ben is about 3hrs behind Cornel.

We (Greville, Gerrit, Xolani and I) left at about 7.30, then spent 2hrs looking for a pathway (you can't miss it). We just got going when Gerrit's shock broke. He is ok, but i'm not sure what he is going to do.

Then we cruised through Creighton and along some dirt road. Think there are lots of carbs and electrolytes in dust, 'cos i sure was eating a lot of it, and going really well. I soon left them and rode on my own. Went through a small town where i was cheered like a Tdf rider, then had a 10min discussion with 20 kids about straight or right. Then hopped off and tried to explain to them what I was doing. I think it went something like this:
Me in Fanakalo. Them in Chinese
Them: where you from?
Me: PMB to CT in 3 weeks.
T: are you stupid?
M: there are two horses coming at me from behind.
T: the white man is stupid. He probably drives a Volvo but he rides a bicycle.
Do you have sweets or money?
M: hamba kahle.

Continued on through a pine plantation then into a magnificent natural forest. Nearly fell off a few times cos i was looking up at the trees.

Came to the major portage of the day. Race director, "You will see 4 Huts. The path runs through the middle of them". The entire hill is dotted with huts! English is not a universal language - I would still be trying to find the huts if i asked. Just went on gut feel and maps and finally got here. Many others will be out in the dark.

Final note. Gerrit got a new shock and is on his way.

Rode 85km today. Climbed 1800m. 8hrs on the road.

Yesterday was 110km. Climbed 2200m. 8.5hrs riding.


Anonymous Olaf said...

Yo bro, this aint easy shit, thank God you are African and can khuluma a bit with the matwana. The mystery is, how did Ben and Cornel do it in the nite? and was it worth it. Just ask my sister, Andrew and myself got lost for 4 hours near Creighton until we came out on the Underberg road and we were in a car! Take it easy man, guess you aint missing the music fretting about the route, en all, en all.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi andre, forgot my password so have to use anonymous to leave you a note. Hope you doing well and not in too much pain. I have always looked up to you, I am very proud to have you as my brother. Will be watching you and thinking about you every step of the way. please take some photos if you can...i miss the beauty of Africa! Love you and take care!

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andre,
Great to ear things are going well. Sounds like quite an adventure so far. Keep it up, sounds like you are doing well. Jus remember the saying in MTB if you stare at the object you are suppose to miss for too long you will hit it, so beware of looking at the trees too much :) Cheers Gordon

7:49 AM  
Blogger Big Al said...

85km. Come one Andre!!!! Put your back into it!!

Just Kidding. Keep it up.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Shann said...

Hi Andre...
I have gathered a group of supporters here in Scotland - we're all checking your website every day and there are many discussions about how mad you are! It's ranking up there with Big Brother at the mo! And of course the Scots are very concerned about your safety... battling to explain that as you'll be covered in dust and mud and grime, you'll blend in with the locals and they'll leave you in peace! Perhaps a good thing you left your deodarant in PMB afterall?

Hope it's still going well and your shocks aren't taking too much of a beating!

Thinking of you and wearing my South African rugby jersey in support...

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andre,looks like M+M are onboard.Glad that you are on your way.Regarding the language problem,short of learning all 11 official languages I have found that a snarled "F..k Off" in a menacing voice is universally understood.My gang at work are rootng for you,Whatever happens as long as you are satisfied with your self then you have achieved your goals.May the Force be with you. Mike/Liz

12:59 PM  

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