Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 13 - Mountain Zebra Park

After meeting up with Gerrit at the last stop we decided to schedule some double-ups to try and get in before the cut-off on 11 July.

Today was a suitable double up, both stages being about 120km together. The first stretch was straight-forward run into the MOuntain Zebra Park near Craddock, followed by a portgae out the back of the park then an easy ride down the Small Fish River valley to the overnight stop.

We got underway on time after a quick basic breakfast. Godd progress was made until Gerrit had a puncture and a farmer caught us on his land - punishment - coffee and rusks. Gerrits BMX tubes were also a problem to fit onto MTB wheels (he he... he thinks I'm not going to tell anyone). The farmer did show us a more suitable route, and some time was made up. A little zig-zagging and we arrived at the Park, to a delicious omellette and coffee. During breakfast a monkey accosted us and stole some nougat - he saw us conming.

We were expecting a realy tough portage out of the back of the park, and on our way there were stopped by Karoo Cops, who stripped us down in the bush and did lots of test (See Karoo Guinea Pigs below - the guys doing their research).

The portage turned out to be fairly easy with only an 8 foot fence to scale which was done with the aid of a bungee cord. The downhill was awesome - I love downhills that give you cramps in your calves!

The rest of the ride went well with no issues, and arrived at the overnight stop. It is hunting lodge with fantastic decor - animals on the walls, zebra skin carpets, horns for table legs....

I am sold on tubeless and Stans. At one stage I went through a path of dubbeltjies(thorns), and ended up with at least 10 stuck in the front tyre alone, with no pressure loss. At long last - something that works!

T-Bone time for me. Cheers!


Anonymous JanL said...

Hey Andre,
fantastic to have you on the move again. With that come the great reads in the morning. Sounds awesome after the FEVER scare.



8:48 AM  
Anonymous Olaf said...

I am chuffed that you are mobile again. From here it is all downhill to CT! Glad that you have company and that the weather has improved. Did I read correctly, you said I should convert my Whyte to Cross max stans tyre tube conversion? Ha.Have good ride, chat soon.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Rudolph said...

Andre You had me worried for a while but as usual you came through
Trust you'r steed behaves and you make the cut off time Riding with Gerhard makes good sence see you picked up some good Afrikaans Good luck & travel well

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey stinky!! see you are going strong....oh there is so much i will be able to tease you on now...get my revenge for all the times you called me tent peg!!! Seriously I am very proud of have great determination and courage. Keep your chin up mate!! xxxlove tanja

6:28 PM  

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