Saturday, June 17, 2006

Day 1....

Day 1 is over in 8h30 and 110km. We arrived for registration in Maritzburg a little after 5 yesterday to find 1 anxious looking wife, 2 excited doctors taking samples (!) and boxes and boxes of fudge and nougat for the riders. The 5 riders we found had excitement, anxiety and nerves written all over their faces but they all had huge smiles. We had dinner and then a "race briefing" which involved guest speaker, Ian Player, last years winner, Wessel and the race organiser, David, all giving tips on when to ride, when to walk and when to resist more coffee at the stop overs. I must admit that I got nervous when David said he'd had meetings with the Chiefs in Lesotho and if the riders experienced any problems, they were just to ask for the Chief. Goodness.
It was an early night for all but after seeing others' bags only weighing 7kg, Andre only got 5 hours sleep after stressing over the what he had packed. He left some day 1 food and a shirt...and his deodrant. Hmm. But some guys said they weren't even taking toothpaste so I didn't feel so bad after that. Imagine when he gets back....!
We had breakfast early and got to the town hall (starting point) at 6:30am. The multitool was out to fix something or other before the wheels had even been put on.....hmmmm. Anyway, as the clock struck 7am, the group was off.
Andre has just called to say that he has already dumped his takkies and his MP3 player and charger because his backpack is just too heavy. He is now at Allandale farm near Cryton (?) and has been over Hella-Hella pass...he has christened it O'hell O'hell pass....
Andre is in good spirits, got lost for a bit but is feeling good. He says he has already eaten like a horse and the hospitality of the locals has been amazing. Cell phone signal is bad so I might not hear from him for a few days but do log onto the Freedom Challenge website for more updated information. As soon as I hear anything more, I will keep everybody posted.
Please send him comments if you like....he really does appreciate the support.


Anonymous Olaf said...

You are crazy...for ditching the music, but hey, make it tougher.Hella Hella, thought you'd like it.Best you start walking a bit every day so that your feet get used to it (not walking in takkies that is).
The big roar yesterday night, GHana beating the Czecks 2:0

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Andries said...

Ai ja jai "Crazy" is a word reserved for people who have gone a little coocoo. I don't think there is a word for this madness - ahh Adventuress. Good luck - hope the worst that happens to you is the silence makes you only a little crazy.

6:41 AM  

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